Kids for Sale 2024

Nigerian Dwarf Kids Have Arrived

The kidding season of 2024 went smoothly, with a good number of bucklings that would make excellent herd sires. We had limited doelings available this season, so be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible!

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Born- March 5th 2024


Inspired by Jupiter’s moon, this eye-catching buckling features a stunning combination of gold and white colors with black and gold moonspots. He is sired by Bella Capretta M Earl Grey Tea and his grandsire is Amores Farms Milo.

PXL 20240313 004608287
Born-March 7th 2024

Le Blanc-$500

Introducing this handsome polled buckling with sleek, straight lines. He is the offspring of Midas, showcasing impressive genetics and a refined appearance.

PXL 20240401 164405664 1
Born-March 9th 2024


Meet our stunning blue-eyed buckling sired by Earl Grey. He has already been reserved.

PXL 20240330 170949926
Born-March 9th 2024


Introducing a handsome chocolate buckling, sibling to Frost. You can reserve him as a buck for $400 or as a wether for $200.

PXL 20240325 014838669
Born-March 9th 2024

Mike & Ike – $400/$200

These two brothers are offspring of Maggie and Midas, combining champion bloodlines known for their exceptional milk production.
Reserved-tricolor Mike

PXL 20240401 165757339 1
Born-March 25th 2024

Romeo- $400/$200

Meet our charming gold and white buckling with exceptional milk production lineage. He is the grandson of Alethia P Love Note, a doe known for her superior genetics. Love Note’s mother is a Grand Champion in her own right, adding to the impressive pedigree of this young buckling.

PXL 20240421 011948529
Born March 25th 2024

Juliet- $500

Juliet, sibling to Romeo, boasts a tricolor coat with subtle roan patterns. Her lineage is enriched with superior genetics and champion bloodlines. Bred specifically for exceptional milk yield, her dam possesses a supple, yielding udder adorned with generously sized teats for efficient milking.

PXL 20240401 164400021 1
Born- March 26th 2024

Sprout- $400/$200

Sprout’s lineage is enriched with champion bloodlines. His granddam, Flower, achieved the esteemed titles of Grand Champion and Best in Show. Further enhancing his pedigree, Sprout’s dam’s dam, Urban Acres ASD Fairey, clinched the prestigious title of Grand Champion Doe at the 2023 National show. With such illustrious ancestry, Sprout exhibits immense potential to carry on the legacy of excellence and produce remarkable offspring.

PXL 20240401 163849221 2
Born March 26th 2024

Blossom- $500

This young doeling is Sprout’s sister, inheriting a lineage filled with grand champions. Her dam’s dam, Flower, is renowned for her supple, high-capacity udder adorned with generously sized teats perfectly positioned for optimal milking. The dam of her sire is Urban Acres ASD Fairey, who secured the Grand Champion title in the 2023 National show.

PXL 20240325 015128643
Born March 6th 2024

Daisy Mae – Retained

Daisy Mae is daughter to our most beloved Urban Acres ASD Flower. Her mother has won grand champion and best doe at the local fair. The dam of her sire is Urban Acres ASD Fairey, who secured the Grand Champion title in the 2023 National show. We are looking forward to all the amazing qualities that her parents have to offer!

PXL 20240325 015039110 1
Born March 9th 2024

Molly- $600

Molly, sibling to Mike and Ike, hails from esteemed lineage. Her maternal grandmother boasts a grand champion unrestricted leg, showcasing the family’s pedigree. Molly’s dam, Maggie, exhibits a well-attached, high-placed udder adorned with generously sized teats. Adding to her impressive ancestry, the dam of her sire is Urban Acres ASD Fairey, who claimed the championship at the 2023 National show.

PXL 20240418 012308012 1
Born March 9th 2024

Finn- $400/$200
Fern- $500

This brother and sister duo have champion bloodlines behind them. Their dam has an exquisite udder with generously sized teats.

PXL 20240418 012636894
PXL 20240418 012612587
Born April 15th 2024

Moonshine- Retained
Moonlight- Retained

These beautifully moonspotted siblings are Stella’s offspring. She is moonspotted as well and has a robust udder with large teats for ease of milking. Earl Grey is the sire and his dam Bella Capretta Magic Wand has strong dairy scores from linear appraisal.

All animals that leave this property are healthy and disease free, once they leave this property they cannot be returned.  I am willing to deliver/meet please contact me to arrange logistics and determine transportation cost. If you have any question contact me at  View our Terms page for more information.