KuneKune Care

Feeding your Kune Kune Pig

Winston our KuneKune boar enjoying a pumpkin

KuneKune pigs are grass eaters – so no pig slop. They do not root like your typical pig, as long as there is enough grass to sustain them. We feed our pigs a mixture of Alfalfa and Forage Hay and allow them to graze in our backyard grass all the time. You can also feed them bales of bermuda grass.

If you catch your Kune Kune pig rooting this can be a sign of hunger (need for more food) or a need for supplements. We find that most ‘pig grower’ feed contains the necessary nutrients to give them the extra protein they need.

They love being spoiled with fresh fruits and vegetables! We buy our Kunes pumpkins when they are in season and frequently feed them orange rinds, banana peels, bruised apples, and any fruit that has fallen off of neighbors trees.

Kune Kune Care

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KuneKune pigs need shade and plenty of water. The only way their body can dispose of excess salt is through urination so getting easy access to water is extremely important. This becomes a problem when you mix pigs and goats in the same pen. Pigs need their water bowl significantly lower, but goats tent to poop in water bowls that are low to the ground.

They do like to wallow in the mud on occasion and will regulate their temperature by laying in the shade so make sure you have some type of shade structure available.