What to feed Nigerian Dwarf Bucks/Wethers

types of hay - forage and alfalfaNigerian Dwarf Bucks and wethers are fed only grass type hays such as forage hay or Bermuda grass.  Because of the urinary tract of male goats, wethers are at higher risk of developing urinary calculi or ‘stones’. The development of these stones can cause an obstruction in the urethral process (a small tube that acts as a urine sprayer). In our feeding practices we avoid feeding legume hay and grain to our wethers and not frequently to our bucks.

Preventing Calculi buildup

There are a couple of things you can do to detour calculi build up. You can supplement their fed with aluminum chloride to counter act the acidity of the urine. Wait to castrate bucklings until they are 3-5 months old to give more time for the urinary tract to mature and open up more.  Feeds should be lower protein with plenty of water available.

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