Goats as Pets

Nigerian Dwarf Goats make excellent outdoor pets.  They are herd animals so it is important that you start with a pair of goats or else they will be miserable when by themselves. As herd animals they will see you as part of the herd and come by to be pet and they also love to be brushed.

Pet Goat Cost

The amazing thing about livestock pets is they are low maintenance and low cost.  Goats are cheaper to feed than large dogs, as they graze they drop their feces that does not need to be picked up as it makes great fertilizer.  You can keep your goats in your backyard so they will keep your lawn trimmed and simultaneously fertilized.  Since we got goats and KuneKune pigs I have not mowed my backyard for 3 years!


Health visits to a livestock Veterinarian are also much cheaper than your typical domestic pet veterinarian and you can expect a healthier animal as the goat is eating feed that they were naturally made for, this is still a question that has yet to be answered by dog and cat food for your domestic animals.