Owning a Milk Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are great for your homestead if you are looking to own a milk goats.  Because of their shorter size they require less feed and get into less trouble!

How do I get my Goat to start producing milk?

Goat start producing milk after they kid.  So you will need to find a farm who offers stud service. You would pick up the buck (or deliver your doe) and leave them there for a couple of hours when your doe is in heat.  150 days later they will kid and begin producing milk.  The first month you should allow her kid to consume all the milk, but afterwards you can separate them at night and come out and milk in the morning.

How often do I need to Milk?

To keep your doe in milk, she must be milked every day!  If she has a kid with her, they will drink from their mothers allowing you a break and helping on the rare day when you miss.

What do I feed my doe?

Goats are very versatile with their feed, but if you are milking them what you feed can change the flavor of the milk – refer to our article on feeding your does that are in milk.