Feeding Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Feeding Nigerian dwarf goats can be as complicated as you want to make it. There are a hardy animal that are easy to please but the simplest of diets could affect the quality of their milk.

Simplest goat diet

The simplest goat diet is to just let them roam free and eat to their hearts content all the weeds they can find. You’re guaranteed to have a very clean property and content goats, they will first only eat the weeds that they like and we’ll go after each weed type by preference so before a property is completely cleared it could be several weeks to months depending on size. And alternative to this method would be to use temporary fencing and locate the goats in a zone of weeds leaving them there until there’s nothing left but dirt. You will be pleased to see just how fast goats can cut down all the weeds and leave plenty of goat fertilizer behind. If you choose this method be sure to always leave to them free minerals so they can self-regulate the most important of these is a big tub of baking soda.

Again this can work against you especially if you are milking goats as what they eat will leave a taint and their milk. This may not be too bad if they’re eating sweet potatoes or yams but entirely bad if they’re in a forest full of eucalyptus.

Simplest feeding plan

If you are breeding goats, raising kids, or milking them you will want to get them on a more controlled diet.  you can see a significant difference in the health of baby goats and the quality of the milk and then the sheen of their coat by the variety of foods that you get that give them. New basic feeding plan would start with alfalfa hay and grain always a continuous supply of freshwater, and free minerals one bucket of minerals would be baking soda, and another bucket of minerals would be one with supplements.

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