For Sale 2018

Cottonwood Croft Kaleidoscope

Born: March 15, 2016

1 year old Kaleid
Kaleid at 1 Year

IMG 20161112 184154  IMG 20161112 162738218


IMG 20170716 155343
Kaleid’s Daughter Silver


Buck $350



Kaleid is a bottle raised buck that throws beautiful kids.  He is covered in LARGE moonspotts!  He is a full brother to Cottonwood Croft’s Obi-Wan-Kenobi click here for picture I originally paid $500 for him but am offering him up at a hugely discounted price  because we are acquiring a new buck.


Also, see my buck page for a kid picture of him.

Buck-Born 6/16/18

Silver X Ray



K9   Bucklilng

Born: 6/16/18

Buck $500 or

Wether $250





Erdman Diamond Acres Sugarstar

0121181411 HDR 1 IMG 20160612 140750310

             2 years                                                                1 year

$300 Doe

Sweet Cream is a 2 year old doe with blue-eyes and had a well attached udder.  She is stantion trained and a delight to milk.  She has freshened twice and her udder improves with each freshening. 

She has had triplets with each freshening.

Kidded 2017 2 does 1 buck Kidded 2018 2 does 1 buck