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All of our kids are dam raised, we feel it is important for the kids to get colostrum from their mother so that they will be stronger, healthier and maintain a better immune system.  The kids we raise are handled and loved on so much that they enjoy and choose to hang out with us humans.  In my opinion, dam raised kids that are socialized well make better companions, pets, and show goats because they know they are still a goat.  They are better first fresheners when it comes to taking care of their offspring.  I have seen bottle raised does who refuse to let kids nurse, or they do not do a good job raising their kids and if not noticed immediately, it results in a smaller, weaker kid.  In order for me to provide you with the healthiest, strongest goat possible, kids will not be available to go home until they are weaned around 8 weeks of age, maybe a little longer as deemed necessary for the health and growth of the kid.


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All animals that leave this property are healthy and disease free, once they leave this property they cannot be returned.  I am willing to deliver/meet please contact me to arrange logistics and determine shipping cost. If you have any question contact me at  View our Terms page for more information.