About KuneKune Pigs

Facts about KuneKune Pigs

Pronounced: coonie-coonie

They are the SMALLEST domesticated pig you can find.
They have their OWN registry with the American KuneKune Pig Registry & American KuneKune Pig Society.
They are fairly new to America, mostly on the East coast.
Kune Kune Pigs are GRASS EATERS that DO NOT root up your yard and also eat forage/orchard/alfalfa.
These pigs have a short cute-as-can-be snout, which is why they don’t prefer rooting.
The Kune Kune pig makes a GREAT PET, even the boars are DOCILE!
They are GRASS FED pork if you want to process them.
They are a heritage breed originating in New Zealand and where almost extinct.
Since Kune Kune pigs are not inbred for a small pig trait, they are very HEARTY and HEALTHY with rare complications.
Kunekunes are SOCIAL herd animals that will ENJOY your company, the company of another pet (dog) or another KuneKune.

Facts About ‘Micro’ or ‘Teacup’ Pigs

Teacup pigs DO NOT exist, really. There is no registry for them, they are not recognized by any pig registry. What you will find is 1 of 2 circumstances for ‘mini/teacup’ pig. 1) They have been extremely malnourished so their growth is stunted, 2) They have been bred down for size so much that they are not a hearty-healthy pig. In either case you will spend LOTS more in vet bills to keep your ‘micro/teacup’ pig alive and healthy.

KuneKune Pig Size Comparison Chart

Most people think there is such thing as a ‘teacup’ or ‘micro’ pig -these are usually baby potbelly pigs that end up growing to about 300lb (135 Kg). It is the KuneKune pig that is the smallest pig breed – boars grow to about 250lb (110Kg) and sows to about 200lb (90Kg). Mini pigs are simply potbelly pigs, the name is used interchangeably.